Defense Wins Ball Games and so does ‘Wall Ball’!

defense ozzie smith wall ball Apr 28, 2020

Defense Wins Ball Games and so does ‘Wall Ball’!

Check out this quote:

"I may not drive in 100 runs a year, but I can prevent 100 runs from scoring against us."- Ozzie Smith

Think about that. Thats is a DEFENSE quote- Boom I love it.

This isn't my quote...

Or a line from a famous baseball movie...

Instead, it's a quote from Ozzie Smith.

Smith’s 13 Gold Gloves

15 All-Star Games

Hall of Famer

I'd say his advice is worth its weight in gold, wouldn't you?

When a Hall of Famer spills the beans on the secrets that made him successful...

Listen up and take notes!

We need to teach DEFENSE not only OFFENSE!

Focus on glove work, footwork, and overall agility.

And if you need help, we've got you covered...

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Inside this defensive system, we give you all the tools you need to improve your defensive game and keep it fun.

Your players will have over 65 drills that will help them get better all by themselves.

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It's time to unlock your players full potential.


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