Connection Ball Drill for Hitters

connection ball hitting drills Dec 07, 2021
Connection Ball Drill: 
There are several ways to use a connection ball.  For younger players, you can even use a dodge ball if the connection ball is too big.  Using the connection ball or dodge ball will help your players in several different ways. 
1.  Placing the ball on the back shoulder will help your players stay tight and quick to contact.  In the first drill, the player tries to keep the dodgeball in between her back shoulder and the top of the handle.  This helps to be efficient, to maintain her connection and keep her bat path to contact as quick as possible.  
2.  When done incorrectly, you can see the dodge ball falls out behind home plate.  Sage demonstrates this by “casting” or losing her barrel too early in the swing.  Ideally, the ball will fall out towards 1st or 2nd base for right handed hitters. 

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