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Competition Drills for Throwing a Baseball

competition perfect practice pitching drills target throwing practice Mar 29, 2020

Competition Day!

Today is the day we are going to show some drills that you can do at the end of practice, at home with family, or in the facility.

Everyone likes competition and this drill is great to compete.

You can use these as ways to gain points, team tallies, scoreboards, or just fun!

The First Drill is Target Throwing Practice

Line up a tee with a ball on it, a bucket, any type of target and start firing away.  Keep score and also use distance depending on the age and skill level of the players.  This is a great way to focus on Handeye, throwing mechanics, focus, pressure, stress, and competition.

The drill goes like this ...
As many players that want to go can go all at the same time or you can have just 2 at a time.
Each player grabs a ball
Either the coach or the player in the front says GO!
Then all players fire away and the player that hits the ball or the target first wins.

Have fun and create whatever rules you want to best fit your team or situation.
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