Coaches Need to be Coachable

being coachable Apr 27, 2021

We just got off a phone call with one of our Dominate the Diamond members and he was saying how he was struggling with trying to get the other coaches on his staff to buy into practice plans, to buy into lineup cards and organization. He said he had a really cool Dominate the Diamond, pretty much positional practice plans set up, what the plays were going to be, different defensive stations. He said one coach was excited about it and two of the other coaches didn't even want to look at the sheet. Coaches, we have to be coachable! We want our kids to be coachable, we also have to be coachable! Having a practice plan like this to have 9-year-olds, 10-year-olds, any age, ball players knowing that their coach is prepared and has a plan practice is going to run so much better! It's going to be so much more productive, so much more efficient, so coaches be open minded, be coachable, and prepare so you can have an awesome practice because 73% of all kids quit by the age of 12! Why? Because they're not having fun and the average kid only plays baseball for 2 1/2 years. So you as a coach have a big responsibility. Your responsibility of making sure that these kids stay in the game and they stay in the game because they're having fun, they're learning, and they're enjoying the game. So hope that resonates with somebody today be coachable coaches go out and dominate the diamond!

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