Coaches…. Be Coachable!

The best coaches in the world are also humble students of the game!  It is our job as coaches to continue to develop our skill sets the same way we teach our players to!  It’s easy to see that baseball and softball are games that are always evolving, so as coaches we must strive to do the same!

Without using complex terminology or fancy gadgets, we must work to be better communicators to our players.  We need to use language they understand and empower them to learn from their own failures.  It’s easy as coaches to get complacent.  It’s easy to do the same drills, yell out the same things and run the same practices over and over. 

Make your practices fun!  Work hard when you create your practice plans to challenge your players and keep things moving.  Watch other coaches.  Learn from some of the best coaches in the world and get creative!  Every player is going to learn differently so we must learn to teach the same thing in a variety of different ways!  Allow your players to teach you!  Ask them what they’re thinking or if they understand what you’re saying!  (You’ll be surprised by a lot of the responses.)

Coaching baseball and softball isn’t like playing a video game.  We can’t sit in the dugout or stand at the 3rd base coaches box and yell out orders to our kids like we’re playing MLB the Show.  Earn the players trust – don’t expect it.  Explain things to them – don’t scream at them.  Allow them to fail – don’t punish them for it.   You want to be a better coach?  Work at it!  Work on your communication skills.  Work on creating fast paced practices.  Work on challenging your players.  Work on innovative new drills.  Work on throwing better batting practice. Work on hitting better fungos. 

No one person has it all figured out.  We should ask more questions and be open minded to new ideas and practices!  Above all else – enjoy it!  Be present.  Enjoy every second of coaching no matter how bad the scoreboard might look.  As coaches, we’re able to impact the lives of so many kids.  Be sure to leave your mark in a good way!




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