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How to be a Coach and Dad?

father and coach father coaching tips parent relationships youth baseball Jul 16, 2022

Being a baseball coach and a Dad can be a difficult dynamic when a son is on the team. Coach Steve Nikorak believes that understanding the baseball player as a person and how they prefer to be coached is one of the most important parts to setting that boundary.   

Some kids like to be pushed while others become nervous. Knowing how each child responds to different types of coaching styles can help to create a more effective and postive coaching experience. Based off of this, it may be important to have another coach yell out from the dugout instead of the father to create a different voice and possible dynamic. Additionally, saying phrases like "believe in yourself," "take your time," or "you got this," create a less constructive and more motivational coaching style.   

Coach Duke Baxter says that another way to go about the father-coach role when a son is pitching is to coach the catcher on how to motivate the pitcher. Instead of calling time out and having the father go to the mound to talk to the son, the coach can work with the catcher on how to help the pitcher succeed. In this scenario, the coach can call time out and tell the catcher to go talk to the pitcher instead.

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