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Challenge your team with 18 or 21 Out Game

baseball team practice competition Feb 25, 2021

Hey guys. In this video, we're going to talk about a great way to put pressure on your team to make practice as game-like as possible. The game is called "18 Outs". If you play middle school or 13U and up and you play seven innings, you can play 21 Outs. This is a  great way, at practice, during your defensive work to put your players out on the field.

Have a coach hit the ball. And make them make 18 consecutive outs in a row without making an error. Again, if you play a seven inning game, it's 21 outs. If you play a nine inning game, it's 27 outs. But for the little leaguers, for the youth baseball and softball players who are playing six innings, so it has to be 18 consecutive outs without making an error.

Now you can spray the ball all over the place. You can work on pop flies. You can work on ground balls. The key to this game is making sure that our players talk, that we communicate, that we yell out every single time we make an out. So you hit the first ground ball to the shortstop. He throws it across. That's one. The entire team yells, "One" all at once. Next ball, we hit a fly ball to the outfielder. Center fielder catches it. That's two. The whole team yells, "Two."

Now the one piece of this game is that every third out is a double play ball. So now we have two outs. The next ball we're going to hit a ground ball to the second baseman. He flips it to the shortstop. Shortstop throws it to first. The entire team yells out, "Three." And you keep moving on, four, five, double play is six, seven, eight. The ninth play is going to be a double play ball.

Now, when your players make an error, we go back to zero. It really starts to light a fire under your team. Starts to get a little bit of competitiveness. It also puts pressure on your team. And it's a great way to get them ready for the game and put pressure on them in practice. This way, when they do have to make that big play in the game, they're not nervous.

So 18 outs, 21 outs... If you're older and you're playing 27 outs. Great way to finish up practice in a competitive environment where you're putting pressure on your players to make the play.

I hope you enjoy the game.

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