Chalk, Concrete, or a Driveway and get Started!

outdoor drills remote training Apr 08, 2020

We had a blast outside yesterday creating some fun videos for you to work on with your players.  We designed a remote training program that has a PDF and the drills to follow to help you with little or NO equipment.
Check it HERE

We were getting many requests to create some strength and speed workout drills for you.  Not only did we create some drills but tomorrow we will be including the PDF and drill card for you to add your own drills.

Help Your Team and send them an at home video workout
✅ Create a 5 drill workout on a dry erase board for you players
✅ Create secondly some drills that they can do with little or no equipment.
Let's get into it.


I don't care if you're coaching 7 year olds, 11 year olds, or 20 year olds, giving them some fun drills will keep them engaged and having a plan.

Have Fun!

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