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provelocity bat training bat Nov 12, 2020
provelocity bat

We want to say thanks to our friends at ProVelocity Bat.  This training bat is awesome.

Elijah Taitel, created the ProVelocity™ Bat — a professional baseball hitting training tool specifically designed to increase the speed of a swing and hitting live balls more effectively — with the help of engineers. 

How does the ProVelocity Bat work? The patented Sweet Spot Power Barrel features 20 power settings, with one to eight resistance bands, he said, from 0 pounds of resistance to 120 pounds. 

The barrel slides to end of the bat to the impact position and gives you audible feedback (a first click) when your pre-selected swing speed is achieved. 

Two audible clicks indicate that you have swung with enough power to drive the barrel to the end of the bat and back. As you become stronger and more accustomed to the bat,  you can increase the Sweet Spot Power Barrel’s power settings, and learn to lengthen the time between the clicks to increase your maximum power within in the strike zone.

Additionally, you become more adept at firing your hips before the arms to drop the bat into the strike zone, thus driving your arms for maximum power.

Your swing speed grows faster with continued use of ProVelocity Bat training, you’re able to wait a little longer on off-speed pitches before pulling the trigger, allowing you to hit the ball to opposite field with more regularity. 

For more information on the ProVelocity Bat and to purchase it, log onto Use code DOMINATE and save $75.00

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