BEST 10 Minute Baseball Warm Up Routine

baseball warm up dynamic workout Dec 20, 2021

Having a solid warm up for your baseball or softball team is very important.  Making sure that you players are properly warmed up and that their muscles are ready to go is key to making sure they are ready for their task.  A dynamic warm up is being used here in these 12 exercises to stretch and prepare for a practice or game.   Many coaches ask us for something that they can use to warm up their team so we put this together for you.

We have 12 different exercises for your players in this warm up.

There are 3 parts

1.  Prep

2.  Ground Based Dynamic

3.  Build up

Have your team line up along the baseline and spaced out.

We will start with the Beast

  1. Beast Shoulder Taps
  2. Yoga Push Ups
  3. Thoracic Rotation
  4. Shin Box Stretch
  5. Hamstring Walks
  6. Reverse Lunge
  7. World’s Greatest Stretch
  8. Lateral Lunge
  9. High Knees
  10. Butt Kickers
  11. Backwards Run a Forward Sprint
  12. Blind Start

We will make sure to keep adding more workouts and different routines to help you and your team.


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