Be a Dolphin not a Turtle- Teach the Dive!

baseball training diving drills Oct 07, 2020

Be a Dolphin not a Turtle- Teach the Dive!

In our Turn2 Course we talk about how to properly dive for a ball. We want to make sure our players are safe and efficiently diving so we can make a play and execute the play. We show the different directional dives so that your players can make plays from both the forehand and the backhand.

Steve Nikorak is showing how to dive properly at the shortstop position and turn a double play. 

We want to dive and land on our bellies and avoid rolling back onto our side or our backs. When we land on our bellies we can quickly pop up to our knee or feet and quickly exchange the ball and make an accurate throw.

Always remember that you will miss 100% of the balls you never try for, so go all out and learn how to dive properly to help your team.

There is nothing better than laying out for a ball that you didn’t think you could catch and then feel the ball land in your glove as you hit the ground and scurry up to your feet to make a throw.



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