Baseball Coaches Building CONFIDENCE In Your Players

Apr 07, 2022

Building confidence in your players will not only benefit the individuals, but it will positively enhance your team's success! Players of all ages put so much pressure on themselves to succeed. Remember that baseball and softball are games of failure. These kids are going to fail way more than they succeed, especially in hitting. Our job as coaches is to push our players at practice, put pressure on them and teach them how to handle failure and adversity. Practice time is our time and Game time is for the players.

During the game, we want to motivate our team and help them believe that they are prepared and can compete with any opponent. When a player is struggling, pull them to the side, put your arm around them and let them know it's okay!

Teach your players what it means to pick up their teammates and remember - it all starts with us as coaches! ( Baseball Coaches Building )

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