Managing Your Assistant Coaches | YOUTH BASEBALL

baseball coaches managing coaches youth baseball May 31, 2022

One quality that every great coaching staff is their ability to divide and conquer at practice and in games. Too often, youth coaches all yell and scream out instructions & directions from the dugout. This can be confusing for players because each coach might be yelling out something different!

Sit down with your coaching staff and go over each coaches job during practice & at games. It can be challenging to monitor the whole game all at once.

For example, you can have one coach managing the pitch calling, another coach working with infielders, one coach working with the hitters/offense, and the last coach working with the outfielders/positioning and where they should be playing. This gives each coach a specific responsibility during the games and one thing to focus on.

Remember, we're not playing a video game! We can't just yell and scream out where the ball needs to go. Teach in practice and let your players learn from failure in the game! 

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