Adjust to Slow Pitching Immediately

baseball hitting pro tip softball Jun 14, 2022

Coach Steve explains how to adjust to different pitches. He said he visualizes driving the ball into the opposite side of the field gap to ensure successful and powerful contact.   

Then he brings us into his three plate drill. The plates are arranged going toward the coach doing the front toss. The drill focuses on time and rhythm to avoid being rushed or beginning the swing too early. The plate farthest from the coach simulates a slow pitch/change up, the middle plate simulates an average pitcher, while the closest plate simulates a pitcher that throws very hard. Meanwhile, the coach throws the ball at the exact same speed, using the distance to create the differences in the drill.   

The player's goal is to stay at the same pace and rhythm no matter what plate they are swinging at. They should adjust to the different pitches by changing what time they begin their load, whether it is during when the pitcher first starts moving or while the ball is on its way toward the plate, the adjustments avoid rushing or being too early. 

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