Drills for Pitchers After Pitching

baseball development long distance running pitching short sprints Aug 22, 2020

The Tempo Run and Long Distance Running


Q:  What should pitchers do after throwing a bullpen or pitching in a game to help in their recovery.


Coach Mike Nikorak talks about 2 ways that are very helpful and can help your pitchers and players recover quicker and healthier.


 The First method is long distance running often times called 'Poles' in which we run from foul line to foul line.


Another method that is incredibly easy to utilize as a means for aerobic training and recovery is the Tempo Run.


There are a handful of ways to do Tempo Runs, but we like to use them in the following manner:

-  Establish a set distance in which to run. Normally, we use around 35-60 yards

-  Take off from the starting point, gradually increasing speed until reaching approximately 70-80%     of max speed

-  This speed should be fast enough to create long strides, unlike that of a jog (i.e. short strides), but     slow enough so it is not exhausting

-  Once the distance is achieved, walk back to the starting position

-  Continue for allotted time, usually 15-30 minutes


Using the Tempo Run will give the pitcher the same physiological feel as a distance run, without the monotony, repetitive pounding, and minimal effort strides. The elongated stride and arm action could also potentially aid in recovery via greater cyclical movement.


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