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Become a Great Baseball Coach.

Dominate the Diamond supports you through coaching education so you can inspire athletes to be driven, sportsmanlike, and passionate. 

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Coaching Fundamentals – Dominate the Diamond

Baseball Coaching Courses

Learn independently with our signature course library. You’ll find everything from running a great practice to motivating your team to position-specific skill training. 

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DTD Universe Membership – Dominate the Diamond

DTD Universe Membership

With Dominate the Diamond Universe you get access to ALL of our content. All of our courses from coaching fundamentals to position-specific - Pitching, Catching, First baseman, Turn 2. Plus Drill bundles for all levels AND all of our downloads and templates -- practice plans, field utilization charts, line-up cards and SO MUCH MORE.

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Position Specific Courses – Dominate the Diamond

Group Coaching

Feel supported as you improve your coaching skills. With access to Duke and Steve weekly, along with a small community, you can elevate your skills in just a couple of months.

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Duke Baxter & Steve Nikorak - Dominate the Diamond

Duke Baxter and Steve Nikorak

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Our Story

When kids play sports, they learn way more than how to play a sport. They learn teamwork, resilience, strength, and kindness. As a coach, you have the opportunity to shape the way young athletes view not only their sport but their sense of belonging and sense of accomplishment. Here at Dominate the Diamond, we guide you as you become the best baseball coach you can be.

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And run a great practice with your team! This free bundle includes an e-book, practice plan, line-up card, and sidewalk circuit training.


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